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The iPad is still a couple of months away from landing on New Zealand’s shores, but it’s gathering momentum in the US, with more than a million units shipped in the first month (and industry analysts suggesting that number is now doubled. The magazine industry in particular is salivating over the possibilities — full colour, extended functionality and a solid business model that allows publishers to scrape dollars off consumers through a whole new medium.

One problem that’s been nagging at creative types, though — the iPad doesn’t support Flash, which has been the tool of choice for fancy interactive tricks.

Now Advertising Age is reporting that the new WIRED magazine iPad application (effectively the poster child for magazine implementation on the iPad) has just been released. Adobe has worked around Apple’s ban on Flash by coding the new WIRED app in a computer code that Apples does accept, Objective C.

According to the Advertising Age story:

Readers can slide their fingers on certain pages to see a Lego Lamborghini assembled brick by brick, for example, or to rotate Mars and pull up information on the spacecraft that have landed at different spots on its surface. Video could show the same progressions, but touch control seems more involving.

Readers can also touch the cover to start a video clip from “Toy Story 3,” the subject of the cover story, or touch cover lines to go directly to the appropriate story. If readers return to the app after closing it, it remembers where they left off, even within an article.

Forty-one of the issue’s 61 editorial pieces include some interactive element, by Wired’s count.

Check out the video for a bit of sizzle. And then consider how Kiwi businesses could tap into those possibilities (not just for magazines but for any product manuals or catalogues currently rendered in print).

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